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Repeto Feature Guide
General Features
Corporate Branding   Create custom survey 'skins' that can be applied to your own surveys. Skins can include your company logos and colors to support your branding strategies.
Question Types
  • Likert Scale
  • Multiple Choice Single Select
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Select
  • Short Answer Text
  • Long Answer Text
  • Numeric Response
  • Date and Time

  • Forced Ranking
  • Priority Ranking
  • Proportional Ranking
  • Clustered Questions
  • Section Headings
  • Page Breaks
Answer Validation   Repeto's Validation System ensures survey takers' responses meet the requested parameters. Repeto uses both client-side and server-side validation: client side for more user-friendly service, and server-side in the event a user's browser does not support client side validation.
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Currency
  • URL
  • Social Security Number
  • Numeric Value
  • US Postal State Codes
  • Min and Max Characters
  • Match a DataBase Field
  • Number of Responses
  • Greater Than or Less Than
  • Required Answer
  • Custom Validations
Advanced Features
Piping (Dynamic Personalization):   Repeto's Piping feature is used to customize surveys. Surveys are dynamically customized based on a user's responses to questions, or they can be personalized based on information stored in the database.
Multilingual Support:   Powerful Multi-lingual Support with a translation-friendly interface supports numerous languages including double byte characters.
Random Ordering (For Questions and/or Answer Options):   Repeto can randomize the order in which questions are displayed, and also randomize the sequence of a question's answer options. This eliminates response-bias based on sequences.
Branching (Skip-Logic):   Repeto can dynamically move users through a survey based on their responses, automatically skipping over questions that are not relevant, or directing users to custom questions.
Question Pools:   Create a pool of questions and tell Repeto how many questions you want the system to randomly select. For example, create a pool of 100 questions, and let Repeto randomly select 25 different ones for each survey respondent.
Reversed Scoring:   Reversed scoring capabilities are available when you need to interject a question where a negative response is favorable and positive responses are non-favorable, or vice versa.
Default Values:   Optional default value settings save the survey taker's time by pre-selecting common responses to certain questions.
Survey Help System:   Useful Help/Additional Information Link to assist survey takers by providing additional clarification without cluttering survey questions with details that are not needed by a majority of the survey takers.
QuickFormulas:   Create user-defined functions in Repeto that can perform calculations and other functions during the administration of a survey.
Usability Features
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get):   Create surveys in a WYSIWYG interface that lets you create and modify survey elements directly in the survey. Users can see what the finished product will look like while they work.
Navigation:   In addition to a well-designed user navigation system, Repeto offers Quick Links that remember your preferences and adjust to what you are doing.
Word Processor Tools:   Use Repeto's familiar word-processor-like screens to create questions and help text. You can even drag and drop questions directly from Microsoft Office and other word processors. Or, if you prefer, you can use your own HTML. Use the word-processor-like interface to quickly customize any of the following:
  • Text Formatting, Size, Fonts, Colors
  • Cutting and Pasting
  • Undo and Redo
  • Numbered Lists
  • Bullet Lists
  • Indenting
Templates & Libraries:   Save time by adding your own answers or other reusable survey elements to Repeto's survey library. In addition to Repeto's built in template library, companies and individual users can create their own library of template items to save time and create surveys with a standard look and feel.
Basic or Advanced Mode:   Easily toggle between Basic and Advanced mode in the workshop to either quickly create a survey, or access hundreds of advanced features and settings.
Survey Administration
Manage Multiple Surveys:   Intuitive survey management tools help survey owners effectively organize and manage new, ongoing, and completed surveys.
Pre-Deployment:   Built-in testing functionality allows users to conduct a test deployment to a sample audience. This feature can be used to test a survey before release, or to let decision makers review and make changes to a survey before it is deployed.
Save and Continue Later:   Save and Continue feature allows survey takers to save their responses during the middle of a survey and then pickup where they left off at a later time.
Survey Exit Options:   Variable survey exit methods exist for users who have completed surveys. Send users to any URL, a standard 'Thank You' memo, or a customized exit page.
Workflow Tools:   Repeto's workflow engine guides survey administrators through the survey cycle in an easily understood format. The workflow tools keep track of completed and partially completed steps, and shares data with the monitoring system to provide up-to-the-minute status information.
Communication Tools:   Use Repeto's built-in email system to communicate with users during a survey cycle. Respond to common questions or send out reminder emails. Communication tools can address an entire survey audience, individuals, or audience segments (e.g., send a reminder only to those who have not completed the survey, or send a "thank you" to those who have completed the survey, etc.)
Monitor Progress
Dashboard   Repeto's Survey Dashboard presents survey progress at a glance including number and percentage of surveys completed, average time to complete survey, and other general survey information.
Report and Analyze
QuickReports:   Provides real-time reporting of response rates, counts, averages, and graphs of each question's responses.
Flexible Data Export   Provides multiple data export formats and the capability to select custom fields for the export file.
Use the  Communication Tools  to send results to users or decision-makers.
User/Participant Management. (Extensible User Database)
Flexible User Import:   Upload users using batch files, add them manually, or create a custom interface from an employee directory.
Dynamic User Attribute System:   Add additional information about each user that can be used to personalize a survey or be included in analysis of a user's results. For example, add custom user attributes to identify an employee's department, organizational tenure, or other information and then use that information during analysis.
Interface Options:   Repeto's database was developed to accommodate interfaces from most popular employee directory systems and HRMS's.
Roles:   Companies using Repeto appoint a data steward to control users' security roles within Repeto. Roles allows survey responsibilities to be divided among, as many or as few, people as desired.
Data Integrity:   Repeto preserves result integrity by preventing multiple survey submissions and by using optional unique survey links that will only work once and cannot be shared with others.
Hide Surveys from Competitors:   You can block competitors or others from seeing your public surveys by giving Repeto a range of IP addresses that should be denied. You can also restrict survey access by only allowing specified IP ranges to access a given survey.
Email Center
The Email Center is a stand-alone product that allows mass-emailing to user-defined audiences. Audiences can be provided by the user or be dynamically selected based on users' survey participation, responses to specific questions, and other demographic information in Repeto. Use Repeto's Email Center to communicate with users about surveys, or to send newsletters and other information.

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